What I had made posts for so far…

September 13th 2012 I got more information on the chemicals in the brain, and saved some of it for further research at home. I also will continue on this tomorrow. I also want to figure out how the chemical effects your brain, Ex; how it helps you see, how it effects the nerves in your brain.

September 18th 2012 I wrote the beginning of a fictional story that will explain some of the science of this, and I read a little more up on my project. I would like to continue writing tomorrow, and look up information as needed to continue.

September 19th 2012 I wrote a little more of my story, but honestly ended up back where I started pretty much, due to writing a bunch then deciding it sucked… I’ve decided to dedicate at least an hour every day for the next week on this until I can get it finished.

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